Thank You To One And All Who Attended The 2019 PMHC.
See you in 2020 for the 10th (and final) PMHC!
2019 PMHC Entries & Winners

Indica (PURE)

Sample A: Lindsay OG (Liberty Farms) – 2nd Place Winner

Sample B: Old Man Jim (Continental Group) – 1st Place Winner

Sample C: Granddaddy Perps (Private Grower/Sterling & Harley) – 3rd Place Winner


Sample A: Girl Scout Cookies (Liberty Farms) – 2nd Place Winner

Sample B: Complex Sherb (Private Grower) – 3rd Place Winner

Sample C: Grape Gum (Private Grower/Sterling & Harley) – 1st Place Winner


Sample A: Chem Dawg (Private Grower/Dave & Heather)

Sample B: The Mac (Dave/Dirty Dave LTD) – 2nd Place Winner

Sample C: Black Doe-Si-Doe (Private Grower/Jaden) – 3rd Place Winner

Sample D: Jungle Japes (Continental Group) – 1st Place Winner


Sample A: Grapes Of Wrath (High Grade Extracts) (Rozin Solventless)

Sample B: Old Man Jim (Continental Group) (Live Resin) – 3rd Place Winner

Sample C: Island Pink Kush (High Grade Extracts) (Rozin Solventless)

Sample D: Strawberry Kush (Continental Group) (FSE) – 2nd Place Winner

Sample E: Space Queen (Caviar Extracts) (Live Resin) – 1st Place Winner

Sample F: Super Lemon Haze (High Guys) (Distillate)

The PMHC Team is committed to the continued longevity of this annual event. It is our intentions to bring you the 10th (and final) PMHC, with dates are tentatively set for Friday October 2nd to Sunday October 4th 2020.

Due to lack of sponsorship and interest in trade show booth spaces, thanks to the changes brought about by the introduction of The Cannabis Act, we will be looking to fundraise to allow for such an event to happen in 2020.

If you are interested in assisting with fundraising for the 2020 PMHC, please contact us directly.


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